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Visual Storytelling | Adobe Premiere Pro | FCP

"Editing is not a technical process...it is an artistic process..."

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Don't get caught up in knowing all the shortcuts right away. Instead, learn how to capture your audience.

Learn the importance of storytelling and develop your own style.

what is there to learn?

Consider your timeline as a blank canvas.

You'll learn the necessary skills to build and organise a project, the importance of good storytelling, as well as the technical stuff from importing footage and working with proxies, to audio mixing, grading and exporting with different codecs.

"Editing...relies on rhythm..."

no such thing as "can't"

Opening up a project can be daunting. We'll create a learning plan to suit your needs and get you out there into the world of editing.

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"It's all about the gut. Editing is all about the gut..."

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