I’m Jake, an award-winning director, cinematographer and editor based in south-west England.

Since 2008, my work has spanned branded content, with the likes of Under Armour and Mercedes Benz, to indie film and documentary, released online, in cinema, and broadcast on channels such as Disney, Fox, BBC and Sky Sports.

Noticing my passion for filmmaking in 2019, Prince Ea assigned me to create a series of online shorts which generated 1 billion views in 12 months and caught the attention of global media outlets. This creative expedition paved the way to winning Most Innovative Production Company in 2021 and 2022.

As an instinctive, natural born creator, immersing myself into the art of visual storytelling is what drives me.


Being a shooter, editor and director, it allows me to engage with a project from multiple angles and navigate challenging creative environments.

Having built crews and worked solo on hundreds of shoots, personal projects include award-nominated documentary Panthers, and debut drama Bad Beat, which won Best Crime Film at Discover Film Awards and Best Director at Absurd Film Festival.

Nominations among other festivals include Best Screenplay, Best Editor, Best Trailer and Best Film.


While my experience in Premiere Pro and Final Cut dates back to 2005, the essence of editing is storytelling. I pride myself on speed and a unique eye for detail when it comes to this craft, instinctively using emotion to captivate the audience.

While I’ve travelled the world as a contracted editor, the majority of my work has been remotely, launching my freelance career in 2014.

I have since delivered thousands of edits involving some of the world’s largest brands, such as Sony Pictures, Ubisoft and Netflix.

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